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2016-2018 M2 F87
  • Transmission: RWC
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Rear Diffusers

BMW F87 M2 3D Style Carbon Fiber Diffuser /
Part# bmwf8726
$1,200.00  $939.95
On Sale
BMW F87 M2 Carbon Fiber Kholen Style Diffuser /
Part# bmwf8720
$1,200.00  $999.95
BMW F87 M2 DTM Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser /
Part# bmwf8727
$750.00  $599.95
BMW F87 M2 Performance Style CF Diffuser /
Part# bmwf8701
$795.00  $539.95
On Sale

Universal Products

RW Carbon Fiber Care Kit /
Part# CFcarekit
$75.00  $49.95

A rear diffuser is the key to having a uniquely modified car.  It adds the much needed aggressive styling to the rear of your vehicle.  RW Carbon carries a HUGE selection of diffusers for BMW, Audi, Mercedes and more!  Some of the diffusers we carry are available in carbon fiber or Polypropylene.  Either choice is perfect for any auto enthusiast. Polypropylene will have to be prepped and painted, while a carbon fiber diffuser can be left rare.  Each one is professionally crafted to ensure the best fitment and durability.  A CF Diffuser comes with a thick clear coat for a beautiful shine.  We quality control every carbon fiber diffuser to ensure it is a great product before it is shipped out.

Contact us if you have any questions about any one of our rear diffusers. 714.328.4406 -