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Ceramic Coating

Give your carbon fiber products the next level in protection. Dust, dirt, salt, intense heat and cold are only some of the harsh elements that your carbon fiber parts will encounter during its lifetime on your car. RW Carbon will ceramic coat any of our carbon fiber products prior to shipping to ensure they have the best chance of survival out on the road or track. 

What’s is all the hype about ceramic coatings?

Ceramic coatings can be thought of as a clear coat for your clear coat. They form a hard, clear, cured, hydrophobic barrier that is more resistant to scratches than carbon fiber clear coat and even prevents contamination from sticking, making them easier to clean. That means less time maintaining your parts and more time out on the road enjoying them. Ceramic coatings are the ultimate in protection for your CF product's finish. Outlasting any natural waxes, synthetic sealants, and achieving the highest gloss levels, ceramic coatings protect against micro-marring, swirl induced washing, and makes water bead.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent coating that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle or carbon fiber parts to protect against external elements. It is a nanoscopic treatment that’s applied in liquid form, but cures to form a hard layer over your clear coat. It’s typically composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is often sourced from natural materials, including quartz and sand. When the chemicals bond with your CF part, they create a hydrophobic or water-repelling effect.

Which ceramic coating do we use?

At RW Carbon we only use the best on our parts. That is why we choose Adam's Polishes. Their Graphene Ceramic Coating offers a 7+ years of protection which is far longer than most of our customers keep their cars. Some of their benefits are:

  • Your parts will be less prone to water spots
  • Higher stain resistance against bugs, tree sap and bird droppings
  • Better scratch resistance
  • Increased depth and clarity

For more information about this product please visit them at

Side by side comparison

Check out the difference for yourself. Here are a pair of mirror caps side by side. Ceramic coating your parts does not only protect them from the elements but also gives the clear coat more depth and increased clarity.

Can I use my RW Carbon Fiber Care Kit over my Ceramic Coat?

Yes, absolutely! Our RW care products are a great way to keep the ceramic coating protected. Although ceramic coating cuts down the amount of maintenance needed on your carbon fiber parts it is still a good idea to clean then off with our spray wax, polish out any scratches or apply a fresh coat of wax from time to time.

How much does it cost to have my CF parts Ceramic Coated?

Pricing will vary on the size and complexity of the part. If you would like a quote please contact one of CF experts at or give us a ring at (714) 328-4406.

Will ceramic coating move back my ship date?

Yes, you will see about a 1-2 business day delay for all products that are being ceramic coated. Each one will need a full 24 hours of curing time before they are ready to ship.  

Note: Ceramic coating will not protect your carbon fiber parts from breaking or cracking. It is only designed to create a protective layer on your clear coat that helps to seal it from the harsh elements. Ceramic coating is a not a permanent product. Although it requires far less upkeep then a typical clear coat it is still a good idea to keep it clean and apply either a wax or ceramic coating spray from time to time. The less steps you take to maintain your finish and the more time you spend in harsh environments will affect the longevity of the coating.