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Forged Carbon Fiber

RW Carbon now offers our customers the ability to order most of our BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Tesla, Audi, Ferrari or Maserati products in forged carbon fiber. Our forged carbon products are mostly made to order at this time. Which means once the order is placed it takes about 6-8 weeks to receive. We are starting to stock certain popular items here so feel free to reach out and we can check out availability. In addition to a possible wait time, our lineup of forged carbon fiber parts are about 20% more expensive than the normal carbon fiber versions. This is due to an increase in production time, and cost of materials.

Questions about our forged carbon parts? Please reach out to our specialists. (714) 328-4406 |

Below are some forged products you can view. We are able to make most of our parts in forged carbon so if you do not see it below feel free to reach out to and speak to a carbon fiber specialist.

What is Forged Carbon?

Forged carbon is the next big thing to hit the aftermarket and OEM automotive worlds. This new way of producing carbon is lighter and stronger than its predecessor, carbon fiber. Forged carbon is not a specific material or a single process, but rather a comprehensive technology that binds the materials and fuses them together, allowing for the creation of a composite carbon fiber part. This process is what gives forged carbon such a unique look and why it has become so popular with the automotive community.

Where did Forged Carbon come from?

Forged carbon fiber was invented back in the mid-2000s by Lamborghini. It was their goal to create a lighter, stronger material that can be used in areas even carbon fiber might have problems with, such as suspension components. It was not until they started using it on the exterior that they found how appealing that styling of it could be to the consumer.

Lamborghini teamed up with Callaway Golf Company and the University of Washington to undergo the R&D the extensive process. The goal in which to develop a material with superior resistance to fatigue, moisture and damage. It also needed to be more rigid than aluminum with a higher adaptability to suit more manufacturing needs.

What makes this Different from Regular Carbon Fiber?

Traditional carbon fiber is made usable by laying up method in a sheet form and infusing it with resin. On the contrary forged carbon, is a unique technology which involves using a paste of fibers mixed with a resin to be compressed out into several unique collage type designs.

Forged Composite starts off as a sheet of uncured plastic, and is mixed with short randomly placed carbon fiber strands. Unlike traditional carbon fiber sheets, this material does not require careful cutting and precise laying into molds. Once the right mass has been cut and placed into a hot press mold, it is compressed under extreme pressure and heat. You have an object that is as light or lighter and stiffer as a traditional carbon fiber, but with a new unique and one of kind design.

Questions about our forged carbon parts? Please reach out to our specialists. (714) 328-4406 |


View some of our past Forged Carbon parts we have made. Please keep in mind we can make most of our regular carbon fiber parts in forged carbon. So if you are looking for something specific and do not see it below please shoot us an email at info@rwcarbon.