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rw signatures f8x carbon fiber parts

RW Signatures carbon fiber pieces are all handcrafted and designed in Southern California. These 1 off designs are built by car enthusiasts who have an eye for quality, different looking carbon fiber pieces. These pieces are made for cars such as the BMW F80, F82, F87, F90, and many other models. All of these pieces are offered in the traditional 2x2 carbon fiber weave or in the latest forged carbon material. Our signature parts are typcally made using a high quality production method and are backed by a fitment and quality guarantee to ensure that you are getting a high quality part at an affordable cost. 

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all of our RW Signature parts, call us anytime with your questions: (714) 328-4406 or email us at

Why Go With RW Signatures?

RW Signatures takes pride in providing people with high quality, one off carbon fiber parts for an affordable cost that not only look great, but that also fit great. These pieces are designed in Southern California at the RW Carbon facility and go  through rigorous testing and modifications to ensure these pieces are up to our quality standard. These pieces are unlike anything on the market providing car enthusiasts with a unique look while also sporting some great looking carbon fiber pieces that glimmer in the sun. These pieces like our other pieces are coated in a high gloss UV resistant clear coat to ensure these pieces can withstand being in the sun for periods of time. 

Whether you are looking to spice up the front end of your BMW or add a sleek trunk spoiler to the back of your Mercedes, these pieces will do the trick. All of our RW Signatures pieces are inspected prior to shipment to ensure that we catch any flaws in the production stage. Once the part is QC'd, it will ship from our Southern California facility in a nicely packaged box with padding to ensure no damages in the shipping process. 

If you have any questions or concerns about these pieces, please feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at 714-328-4406

Front Lip Spoilers



BMW F8X M3 M4 RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip /
Part# bmwf8x036
$1,500.00  $799.95
BMW F8x M3 M4 RWS Forged Carbon Front Lip /
Part# bmwf8x047
$1,250.00  $999.95
BMW F90 M5 RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler /
Part# bmwf9014
$1,600.00  $1,049.95
Best Seller
BMW F95 X5M RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler /
Part# bmwf9502
$1,600.00  $1,129.95
Best Seller
BMW F97 X3M/F98 X4M RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip /
Part# bmwf97002
$1,500.00  $949.95
BMW G8X M3/M4 RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip /
Part# bmwg8006
$1,300.00  $949.95
Best Seller
Mercedes C190 GT GTC GTS RWS CF Front Lip Spoiler /
Part# mercc19010
$2,300.00  $1,249.95

No matter which vehicle you own, a carbon fiber front lip spoiler is a must have item. Not only does an aftermarket front lip looks awesome and makes your ride unique, but it will create downforce at speed to keep your car planted.  All of RW Carbon's carbon fiber lip spoilers are professional crafted to ensure our customers are getting the best lip spoiler for their money.  After construction each one is carefully clear coated for a mirror like shine and a great barrier of protection against the harsh elements.  Each carbon fiber front lip spoiler is quality controlled to ensure a nice weave and a product you can be proud to put on your car.  Scroll above to find just the right front lip spoiler for your car!

RW Carbon specializes in BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Tesla models. However if you are looking for a front lip spoiler for a different vehicle please contact us today. All of our lips install via plug and play installation meaning you do not have to purchase other items to make the installation work with your vehicle. With added exterior visual performance and increased downforce while at speed you really can't go wrong adding an RW Carbon front lip spoiler to your vehicle!

If you have any questions about any one of our front lips please contact us! 714.328.4406 -