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SLiPLO is a great solution for all those front lip owners that scrape the bottom of their carbon fiber front lip spoiler. This product adds a protective layer to the bottom of your front lip, or bumper that will slide across the asphalt. Click the product link below for more details on this must have product.

Front Lip Spoilers



No matter which vehicle you own, a carbon fiber front lip spoiler is a must have item. Not only does an aftermarket front lip looks awesome and makes your ride unique, but it will create downforce at speed to keep your car planted.  All of RW Carbon's carbon fiber lip spoilers are professional crafted to ensure our customers are getting the best lip spoiler for their money.  After construction each one is carefully clear coated for a mirror like shine and a great barrier of protection against the harsh elements.  Each carbon fiber front lip spoiler is quality controlled to ensure a nice weave and a product you can be proud to put on your car.  Scroll above to find just the right front lip spoiler for your car!

RW Carbon specializes in BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Tesla models. However if you are looking for a front lip spoiler for a different vehicle please contact us today. All of our lips install via plug and play installation meaning you do not have to purchase other items to make the installation work with your vehicle. With added exterior visual performance and increased downforce while at speed you really can't go wrong adding an RW Carbon front lip spoiler to your vehicle!

If you have any questions about any one of our front lips please contact us! 714.328.4406 -