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Mercedes W204 C Class Carbon Fiber Parts


Welcome to, the source for quality and affordable carbon fiber aero parts for your 2008-2014 C Class. Our customers are happy to learn that a majority of our W204 carbon fiber parts are in stock and ready ship out the following business day. Enthusiasts all over the web and world and continually impressed with the level of quality exuded by our carbon fiber C class parts. The CF parts on this page will fit 2008-2014 C250, C300, and C350 applications. All W204 carbon fiber items must pass our rigorous inspection prior to shipping to their final destination ensuring that you receive a part you are proud to install on your vehicle. Additionally all Mercedes W204 carbon fiber parts are completed with a clearcoat which gives them a mirror-like shine and a durable finish that will last years.

Below are our most popular W204 carbon fiber parts and accessories. If you would like a more narrow selection please select your C Class year and specific model from the left side of the page. We understand that finding the right carbon fiber parts for your C250, C300, or C350 can be hard - Therefore we encourage you to send your questions to us: or call us: (714) 328-4406.

Mercedes W204 C Class Carbon Fiber Parts

Why Choose RW Carbon as the Source for my C Class Carbon Fiber Parts?

We operate RW Carbon under our strict mission statement that reads, "One goal, one focus - Carbon Fiber." Because of this unique stance in the aftermarket automotive industry we can provide some of the best, quality carbon fiber parts for your W204 C Class. When compared to other parts on the market our C Class carbon fiber items have a thicker and higher quality clearcoat and a more symmetrical weave pattern. These qualities give our CF parts a shine that will last for years and allow you to be the envy of others that spent far more on their carbon fiber items. Additionally, most of our items are shipped directly from our California warehouse. This means we physically inspect all parts prior to shipping them to you so you get a truly high quality item. Frequently we reject W204 carbon fiber items that do not meet our strict quality standards.

All of the CF parts you see on the RW Carbon website come with a resilient clearcoat. Therefore  we recommend you maintain it just as you would the paint on your vehicle. To keep the parts and accessories looking their best simply wash them when you wash your car and wax them ever so often. This will maintain the clearcoat and allow them to look great without fading for many years to come. When you purchase Mercedes W204 C250, C300, or C350 carbon fiber items form us you will receive a superb quality item along with our customer service. 

We ask our potential customers to give us a chance to earn your business - Let us know if you found a certain item for your W204 at a lower price. We will work hard to beat that price for you: (714) 328-4406

Mercede W204 2013  C250 with our carbon fiber front lip

RW Carbon CF roof spoiler installed on facelift mercedes w204 c class

W204 Mercedes coupe carbon fiber trunk spoiler