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RW Carbon Project - BMW F80 M3

RW Carbon would like to introduce the newest member of its family. We just took ownership of this beautiful new 2016 BMW F80 M3 in signal green. It was custom ordered from Ontario BMW in Ontario California back in January 2016, so the process took about 5 months, but it sure felt longer.  We spec'd our M3 with Black leather interior, executive packages, lighting upgrade and of course we had to get a custom color.  As it is RW Carbon’s new build car it is only natural that we went with green. Out of the few green choices we liked Signal Green the best and is actually a Porsche 911 GT3 color.

Since the arrival of the new F8x M models in 2014, they have been a huge hit with all M enthusiasts. I know BMW was very nervous introducing the first M3 that was to be turbo charged rather than naturally aspirated. To their surprise the M enthusiasts loved the new model. With plenty of power and even more to be unlocked with a simple tune and bolt ons, this has become the favorite M3 overnight.

With its popularity being so high, the aftermarket parts industry tried their best to keep up with the demand for new and exciting parts. Every niche from performance, wheels, suspension and of course carbon fiber have been cranking out new parts for this car. As we know M owners love to mod their cars. We are no different with our new F80 M3. We were handed the keys on Tuesday June 1st 2016 and after one day of ownership the car now had a front lip, diffuser and grilles already installed.

We decided to go a different route than most M3 owners. We choose to use the Varis Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler, 3D Style CF Rear Diffuser and the ever popular Gloss Black Double Slat Grilles. There is plenty of more mods in store for this new M3, but you will have to stay tuned to find out. Every few weeks we will be posting updates, so get ready for some big changes.

Next up is small update but we mounted a Performance Style Trunk Spoiler. It's our most modest looking trunk spoiler but it looks great and gives the trunk just a touch of carbon fiber.

This next stage is a bit more exciting with a bunch of new RW Carbon fiber parts, along with other performance and appearance upgrades. This time around our F80 M3 is looking like a new car with bigger and more aggressive carbon fiber and when paired with some new kicks this thing is looking mean! The carbon fiber parts we added are the Exotics Tuning Style Diffuser, GTS Style Front Lip, GTS Style CF Hood, GTX Side Skirt Extensions, GTX Trunk Spoiler, Mirror Caps, Gear Selector, Console Trim and Alcantara E-Brake Handle. Some of our non RW Carbon parts are also listed below.

Custom forged mono block 19″ wheels.
BMS exhaust tips
SSR down pipes
Burger motorsports tune
20% tint all around
Goss black emblems and fender trims
Painted reflectors

Since this point all of the parts that we have installed on our F80 M3 project car has been replica parts, but now that is all about to change. RW Carbon has completed our entire RW Signatures aero kit! We could have presented it in regular carbon fiber for the first time, but we decided to make a splash and made the entire kit in Forged Carbon. This forged carbon kit included the RWS Front Lip, Diffuser, Side Skirt Extensions, Mirror Caps and Trunk Spoiler. That was only the tip of the iceberg as we took it even further. We painted the carbon fiber hood to match the car, lowered is on KW coils and ditched those 19" mono block wheels for a new set of MV Forged 20" 3 pieces wheels.

As this build comes to an end we yet again need to do one last transformation. This time it's back to traditional carbon fiber. We kept most of the parts as RWS but changed the trunk spoiler to one of our most popular styles, the CS Trunk Spoiler. We also did some detail work which meant adding some Rear Bumper Splitters, Front Upper Bumper Splitters and a set of GTS styled LED tail lights (not sold by RW).

This would be the last time we gave our F80 M3 a refresh, but won't be the last time we enjoyed it. In its 7 years with us it saw over 70k miles and had one hell of a life as an RW Carbon car. Since then it has been sold and hopefully the new owners loves it as much as we did.

If you have any questions about our F80 M3 build car or the parts we used on it please contact a carbon fiber specialist at RW Carbon. Feel free to reach us at or call us at 714.328.4406. For inquiries about more parts check out our online store at