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RW Carbon Project - BMW F87 M2

Come checkout what RW Carbon has in store next! We just picked up this brand new 2018 BMW F87 M2 in Alpine White from Irvine BMW. We spec'd it with a 6 speed manual transmission and with all the M Performance parts. We are all excited to get to work on this car and get some beautiful carbon fiber parts made for it. I am sure this car will be very popular with our customers so we hope to bring you some great part selections. Until then, please enjoy some of the photos below.

Stage one of this build was to start with a clean slate so that meant removing the M Performance Carbon Fiber Parts and M Decals. Next week it leaves for California Motorsports in San Diego to get wrapped and dropped. Please stay tuned for updates on our BMW M2 build.

We have received the car back this week from California Motorsports and the drop and wrap looks incredible. We are excited to show everyone but we have decided to hold off until we have our new wheels installed and our first carbon fiber aero kit. For our wheel selection we opted for the Avant Garde M632 in 19" and a custom textured gunmetal finish. Check back in a few weeks for more updates!

Drum roll please!! Here is our BMW F87 M2 in all of its glory. Its been wrapped in Liquid Copper, has a new set of wheels and tires, its been lowered on H&R Springs, windows are tinted, badges are blacked out and of course a full carbon fiber aero kit. For our first setup we decided to go all in and make this M2 look like a racecar with a big GTS Style CF Wing and Front Lip, a big and aggressive DTM Diffuser, a set of CF Mirror Caps and to bring it all together a set of Side Skirt Extensions. We also added some small accessories such as our CF Fender Trims and even tested our a pair of our Upper Bumper Splitters. What a night and day difference these parts made from its stock form just a few weeks ago. 

After having the M2 in this form for a few months we determined it was time for another big change. And when we mean big we mean a brand new full carbon fiber hood big! In addition to the hood we also opted for our 3D Style Front Lip. If this build wasn't aggressive looking enough then it definitely is now. This thing is mean and ready for a fight. All the parts together give this M2 a race inspired feel that is either ready for a race track or a Fast and Furious street race. 

Poster time! A build like this is truly post worthy. We headed over a one of kind spot and did a night shoot to create one photo that will take your breath away. Enjoy!

As this build comes to an end and we start thinking about selling the car, we reminisce about all good times we had with it. The car shows, the photoshoots and screaming through the gears on the open roads. Its a sad time, but when one car leaves it means a new exciting project ahead of us. Before we start selling it we decided to remove the wrap and bring it back to a more tamed appearance. So before it goes here is one last photoshoot to honor this F87 M2.